MotionEvolutions® - The Origin Story

Posted by Daniel Strange on

The ME brand, evolved out of heartbreak, frustration and an intrinsic passion for better answers on wellness, performance and longevity of the human body.

It always seems when performance demands increased in relation to skill level, issues start to accumulate in the neck, lower back and knees, which are the most common areas for musculoskeletal injuries to occur. 

The normal pipeline is to see an educated practitioner, or combination of them, that would manually assist you with some sort of therapy or manipulation, and also work with a trainer to increase your physical strength and mobility capacity. 

What I started to notice early on, despite working on a comprehensive system with manual therapy and physical training, was how difficult it would still be to join all of these elements in motion, which is where the majority of injuries and performance deficiencies are occurring. 

After so much friction, internally and externally, I knew in my gut, the information that had been shared to me by my teachers about Rhythm, Coordination and Kinetic Potential was highly misunderstood and for the large part, ignored. In addition, how to transmit and communicate this information with others in a useful manner is not a linear and routine process. However, there are systems and within them, universally valid patterns.  

MotionEvolutions® considers the whole system as one unit and respects the holistic unity of the body as a channel. Rather than individual parts that can be isolated and addressed without connections. Especially the key relationship of our interaction with gravity.