Semi-Private Coaching (Group) - 5 Sessions Packet @Central Studio

Regular price $7,500.00

HKD 500/person for 3 people.
Or 1500/group for up to 6 people (HKD 250/person)
Offered in packets of 5 sessions.
Expiry duration is 10 weeks.
Great for high quality training between close friends, family and sports teammates.
You get PT standard in a private group setting.

All bookings between 3 people or groups are agreed together and scheduled in our online system.
Please respect the 24 hour "no-show" policy and understand if there are any last minute cancellations within the group the credits will not be able to be redeemed due to rental fees.  

We are training at:
1/ Central studio
2/ Sun yat sen memorial park
3/ Your private location